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What is Grandma Camp - Adventures in NanaLand

Have you ever wanted to do something extra special that brings your grandchildren all together? To create those memories that last a lifetime? Something so extraordinary that those little cousins become forever friends? The answer is Grandma Camp! But. . .what IS Grandma Camp anyway?

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Grandma Camp?” data-pin-description=”What is Grandma Camp anyway? If you’ve ever wanted to have tons of fun with the grandkids while making memories to last a lifetime, then Grandma Camp is for you! Whether you call it Grandma Camp, Cousin Camp or Grandparent Camp, it doesn’t matter. Just get together and make it happen!” /> Grandma Camp involves Grandpas too!

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If you want to skip straight to more detailed info on holding your grandma camp, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Grandma Camp here!

However, if you just want to see our most frequently asked question about what a Grandma Camp is. . .keep reading:

What is Grandma Camp?

Grandma Camp is bringing the grandkids together for some cousin-bonding and grandparent-grandchild-bonding time. Now, what that time looks like is up to you! We’ll talk about some different ways to structure a camp in just a few minutes.

So, is it always called Grandma Camp? Nope! Some call it Cousin Camp (you know, because all the cousins are together). Still others call it Grandparent Camp. One of the more popular things to do is to give it an actual name. At our house, it’s Camp NanaPapa. It kind of just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? For the sake of argument, we’re just going to call it Grandma Camp for the remainder of this article.

How do I create my own Grandma Camp?

The first thing you want to do is have a plan to keep the kids engaged. I say plan, but. . .they’re kids. So, you’d better be flexible with those plans. I will admit that having some structure does keep the kiddos out of trouble and saves your sanity. Although, I know a few people who have chosen to just have the grandkids over and it’s just a free for all. To each his own!

The next important step is to look at the budget you want to spend. You can end up spending a lot more than you intend if you don’t at least start with a limit. Knowing your budget will heavily dictate what your camp will look like – how many days, meals, activities, etc.

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The last thing to consider is the ages and interests of your grandkids. These factors will greatly influence what you do and how you do it at your camp. Your grandchildren may be quite young and only able to handle a half-day camp or they may be capable enough to go hiking and tent camping with you.

Whatever you decide, you would be well to include the kids’ parents in the planning. That could greatly influence your decisions. But remember. . .they are the parents. So be respectful of major issues. However, spoiling is NEVER out of the question. 😆

How should I structure my Grandma Camp?

Well, I think that there are as many ways to structure your camp as there are grandchildren.  However, there are some specific ways to organize your time together.

  • Day Camp

    This can mean one-day or half days, but the idea is that there are no overnight stays.

  • Multi-day Summer Camp

    This is a very popular way to hold camp – multiple days and overnights. Speaking from the voice of experience, I would keep it to 3 – 5 days.

  • Weekly Camp

    Some grandparents hold weekly day camp for an entire week or multiple weeks throughout the summer.

  • Split Camp

    This one is probably the most work of all. It involves creating separate camps for different ages, genders or any other “split” that makes sense for the group.

  • Weekend Camp

    This kind of camp can work any time of year but works especially well on a 3-day weekend.

  • Actual Camping Camp

    Some grandparents are lucky enough to have property for the kids to actually be camping in tents outside. Or, you can go to a real campground if you’re ambitious! 😉

  • Long Distance Camp

    While being a bit more tricky to pull off, some grandparents have successfully connected for a “camp” with their long distance grandchildren.

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Where can I get ideas for creating a camp?

A really good place to start looking for ideas is the internet, of course. Pinterest is my favorite place to look. There are also many kids’ activity blogs and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) websites that can provide inspiration.

Other places to get inspiration are from the kids favorite movies, toys, books or even school subjects. These things are great for choosing a theme and finding activities, crafts, and outings that go along with it.

Here at Adventures in NanaLand, we have a lot of inspiration for how to put together your camp. Here’s what we have for you:

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Maybe at this point, you would like more detailed info on holding your grandma camp, so head over and read our Ultimate Guide to Grandma Camp!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan some dates and get those grandkids together. The memories you make will be priceless!

Happy Camping, and. . .

Cookies & Milk for Everyone!


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