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Fall and Winter Holidays are Just Around the Corner!

Check Out Our Fall & Winter Activities Below

Fall is that time of year when everyone is bundling up and there are pumpkins everywhere you look. Why not get the grandkids together to celebrate one of the most fun times of the year – FALL! Want ideas for some creative outings? How about getting together for some autumn-themed crafts and hot cocoa? Need some games for a party night? We’ve got you covered!


Whether you’re looking for ideas to hold the perfect weekend camp  with the grandkids or just ideas for an afternoon together, the Happy Fall Y’all activity packet is sure to have everything you need. 

This party packet includes everything you need to have a fun-filled night with the kids while watching or reading The Polar Express. Dance, sing, play and of course. . .have hot chocolate!

  • Over 30 pages of decor, printables, activities, games and more. Be sure to check out the hot chocolate station!

    *Bonus section has ideas for holding the party with your long-distance grandchildren.

This packet of activities is specifically created to have fun with your grandkids during the winter months. Packed full of ideas, it’s perfect for an occasional afternoon together or a full-blown weekend camp with the grandkids. Pick and choose what you need for whatever activity you decide to do.

Invitations, water bottle wraps, treat bag toppers, and other printables. Games, recipes, outing ideas, activities, and more! There’s even music for kids’ handbells. Our resource page has everything you need from product suggestions to tutorials. You and your grandchildren will have a memorable time together!

What's Inside NanaLand. . .


 Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, you’ll find everything from what to do as a new grandparent to talking to teenage grandchildren. Let us help you find a way to connect and start creating memories!

Long Distance Grandparenting

Missing those grandchildren that live across the miles? We’ll help you connect so the distance doesn’t come between you. Snail mail, email and video chat, we’ve got you covered!


Whether you call it Grandma Camp or Cousin Camp, we have the ultimate resources to help you plan and pull off the most memorable camp ever. . .and remember, Grandma Camp is not just for summer anymore!

Hello, I’m Jill! Welcome to our little corner of the world that we lovingly call NanaLand. Here, we help you connect with your grandchildren and build relationships that will last a lifetime and beyond. Whether you’re playing, working, laughing or crying, it’s all about creating memories and being together. 

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