Flower Bouquet of Me

The Bouquet of Me with Grandkids

Grandkids love to be creative! And. . .let’s face it, they’re a little ego-centric, right? That’s why making a flower craft that’s all about THEM is a pretty great activity.

This sweet little bouquet is a great way for grandchildren to show off just how special they are. Using their face, handprints, and fingerprints, your grandkids can make a bouquet that is uniquely them.

The Bouquet of Me would make a fun project to do with your grandkids for them to make for their mothers. Moms just love it when they get homemade gifts from their kids. And, kids love making things for mom. This would be great for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just to say, “Love you, Mom!”

To make this easy for you to see how each flower is made, I teamed up with the ladies from Forget Him Knot and Moore Wellness to create a video to show you how to do this project. Carrie and Nina (Forget Him Knot) put together the video and are the creatives behind this cute bouqet.

Beth (Moore Wellness) shows us how her grandson individualized the flowers, and I will show you how I was able to do this activity with my grandkids over a Zoom call.

The best part of this project is that your grandkids can make it their own with only a little help from you.

The Bouquet of Me

Here is a sneak peek at some of the parts of the project in the Bouquet of Me:

Vase is made from your grandchild’s profile
Leaves can be free cut or traced from real leaves
These Hydrangeas are made from bubbly dish soap
Kids LOVE blowing the bubbles!
Use as many colors as you want for the flowers
These sunflowers will come out different sizes depending on the size
of your grandchild’s hand
My grandson originally called these Rainbow Flowers
The finished project will look as individual as the children

Whatever you decide to do, be creative! Make as many or as few of these flowers as you or your grandchildren would like. Have fun and enjoy the time with your grandkids!

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