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Ever wonder what the very best Christmas tradition is?

We have dozens of Christmas traditions in our home. There’s the Polar Express party we host for the grandchildren. We put up a train around the Christmas Tree. Our family Christmas party would just not be the same without my mom’s Snowy White Popcorn. And, we always make Cinnamon Twists to give to neighbors and friends.

However, as life gets busier, we wondered if we shouldn’t cut back on some of those traditions. Yes, they’re all fun, but do they support what we want out of the Christmas season? So, how do you decide?

Which one is the very best Christmas tradition or traditions to keep? We wondered how we would decide. Until. . .

Last Christmas, my husband and I were at a religious visitor’s center in Los Angeles where we saw about two dozen Christmas trees all decorated with different themes.

As we were walking around admiring each tree, a woman came up to us and began making conversation. After we had exchanged names and got to know a little about each other, our new friend asked, “Have you found Christ in Christmas yet?”

Have You Found Christ in Christmas?

I looked at her very puzzled, and asked. . .with a nervous giggle,. . . “Is this a. . .trick question?”

She said that sometimes Christ gets lost among the décor and commercialism of the season. So, we often have to look very close and sometimes very hard to see Him during the busy Christmas season.

Then she asked again, “So, have you found Christ in Christmas?” At that point, I began to understand her question, but I was still confused. She pointed to several of the trees and told us to look closer.

Christmas tree with decorations - Seeking Christ the Best Christmas Tradition - Adventures in NanaLand

We looked closely at each tree, searching every ornament and ribbon for signs of Christ. I started looking for mangers and the baby Jesus. A star or stable. I even looked for the risen Christ or even His mother, Mary or His father, Joseph. We looked for wise men and shepherds, sheep and donkeys. Even though we found all of those things, we still hadn’t actually found what the woman was talking about. I felt there was a deeper meaning in her question.

So, we continued to search . . . And then I saw it! All of a sudden, I knew what she meant. There, sitting inside one of the branches of the tree, was the word Christ made of clear acrylic. Because it was clear, it had taken on the green and brown of the branches and needles in the tree. It was more or less “hidden”, but if you looked hard, you could see it clearly sitting there on the branch. . .in plain sight.

Christ was so difficult to find at first, yet once you found it, it was impossible NOT to see.

We quickly got to work and excitedly started searching each tree. Now that we knew what we were looking for, we found each one. They weren’t always easy to find, but it made for a fun challenge.

As my husband and I later talked about our afternoon’s experience, we saw the wisdom in the woman’s question. We thought about our own Christmases. How often do we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season? Just like in that visitor’s center, we often see all the decorations and trees yet we don’t see Christ even though He is right there in front of us. After all, He is the reason we celebrate – “Christ”mas.

Not Just a Christmas Tradition

In the months since that experience, we have often talked about how this is not just true at Christmas, but all year round. Christ is ever present in our lives, yet how often do we not see Him? He is often “hidden” among the busyness of everyday life. However, if we look closely, we can find Him.

We decided that it would be important for us to make some changes in our home to reflect our new awareness. Now, we will keep Christ “hidden” in plain sight throughout different places in our home. It’s our year-round Christmas tradition.

The “Hidden” Christ Devotional

I was so excited about this idea that I wanted to teach this to my children and grandchildren. Our faith is a large part of the legacy that we want to pass on to our posterity. We decided that a great way to teach this concept is through a family devotional.

So, I put together a devotional for my family to bring the spirit of Christmas into our home. This concept could really be adapted to any time of the year. However, it really will be a great way to begin the new year. This past couple of years has definitely been full of turmoil and discouragement for many. We all need some hope, and more than ever. . .to find and keep Christ in our lives.

So, gather your family together and talk about the significance of finding Christ in your lives. Think of ways you can feel peace in Christ and His teachings. Gather ideas from your family on how you all can “see” Him every day.

Finding Christ in Our Home

One way that I thought we could find Christ more in our home is to have some of those acrylic Christ name signs. So, I commissioned my niece make a few of these “hidden” Christ signs for me and some for each of my children’s families. (If you would like one of your own, see below.)

These are large enough to be seen but small enough to stay just a bit hidden among the everyday décor. This year, I plan to move mine around my house and challenge my grandchildren to find Christ when they come over for Sunday dinners.

Acrylic Christ name sign - Best Christmas tradition - Adventures in NananLand

So, what is the best Christmas tradition ever? Seeking Christ everyday – the tradition that stays with us year round.

Cookies & Milk for Everyone!

NanaJill Signature - Adventures in NanaLand

Get Your Own “Hidden” Christ Name Sign

Would you like your own Acrylic “Hidden” Christ Name sign? They are not just for Christmas. You can use these all year round to have Christ in your home where others can seek Him.

These clear Christ name signs measure 3″ x 5″ and are made from clear acrylic. They fit beautifully among the decor in your home. You can encourage others to seek Him or simply allow them to discover Him. (See the photos below to get an idea of the size.)

If you look at the photos below, you can see how they “hide” in plain sight. Yet, beautifully, the name is revealed and easy to see when the light hits it. Not a coincidence.

I asked my niece if she would be willing to make more of these for anyone who wants them. She agreed and we are making these available only here on our website here.

So, order one for a special place in your home or as gifts to help others keep the spirit of Christmas all year round. When you order, I am going to send you our Seeking Christ Family Devotional as a free gift. Click the button below for pricing and more info.

This is to show the size of the name sign on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

13 thoughts on “Seeking Christ – The Very Best Christmas Tradition”

  1. suzanne Dixon

    I work with Unveiled Christ Ministries. Your seeking Christ story is one of interest to be used in our Christmas ministry mailing, however, we prefer to have your permission to do that. Could you let us know if we can use it?
    Thank you most sincerely,
    Suzanne Dixon

    1. Suzanne, I sent you an email with details about sharing this story. Thanks so much for reaching out to me.

  2. Hello Jill,
    I purchased these Christ signs last December. I love them! I don’t recall receiving the devotional that was to go with them. Could you please email it to me? Thanks so much! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! Thinking of doing a Grandma camp!
    Susan Chapman

    1. Will do, Susan! Sorry you’re having trouble finding it. I’m so glad you love the Christ signs. They have blessed so many families.


    I ordered several (11) signs and received them today. Love them! I didn’t receive the family devotional. Could you send it to me? I am excited to share these! Thank you!

    1. Absolutely, Connie! I’ll email the devotional to you. I’m so glad you like them. Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Kim Pressnell

    Thank you for sharing and making the Christ sign available to others. I’m a grandma and can’t wait to start this tradition with my family. One thing, I’m not sure if when I placed my order if I request your free devotional. I’d love it as well if possible!
    Merry CHRISTmas and God bless you and your loved ones!

    1. You’re welcome, Kim! That devouring should be in your email inbox shortly! I hope you have a wonderful CHRISTmas season with your family!

  5. Apparently I’m too late to get one of your “Seeking Christ” signs. I’m just wondering what I can do to get on a wait list. Even if I don’t get it for this Christmas (as I won’t have my grandchildren with us this year), I want to be sure to get one, if possible, for next Christmas. Thank you!

  6. Hi Jill!
    This story is so very moving and beautiful! I just ordered 5 – for myself, my kids and a very dear friend! I can’t wait to share the story, devotional and this wonderful gift with them! Miss you, my friend! Merry Christmas! Also, please thank your niece for sharing her talent with us!

    1. Oh thank you, Lisa! It truly was a really awesome experience. I’m so happy to be able to share this with everyone. I miss you too! Merry Christmas!

  7. Cheryl Lewis

    Thanks for sharing and offering a way to purchase.
    I just placed my order but forgot to request your free devotional.
    If possible please add it to my order.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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