Finding Unique Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren: 10 Ideas to Inspire You!

Art supplies - Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand

Art supplies - Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand

Do You Have a Hard Time Finding Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren?

Birthdays are a time of celebration and joy. Whether you live nearby or long distance, it’s important to find ways to celebrate with your grandchildren on their special day. When they’re little, it’s generally not too hard to find fun, engaging gifts for the grandkids. However, it’s equal parts difficult yet important to find “something they’ll like” gifts for teenage grandchildren.

If you’re like me, it gets more frustrating each year to try to find just the right gift. . .especially as the grandkids are getting older. I’ve given money, but it feels so impersonal if there isn’t an individual component or something really fun with the money gift. So, how do you know just what kinds of gifts to get for those teenage grandchildren?

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Where to Get Inspiration for Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren

Well, you can spend time racking your brain and being frustrated. . .or take some stress off and gain some inspiration from this list of fun, unique gifts for teenage grandchildren:

1.  A Personalized Gift Basket

Try filling a basket or box with goodies from your grandchild’s favorite restaurant, store, or candy shop.

Cupcake gift box- Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand


2.  Buy an Instrument

Of course, you may need to make sure your grandchild has an interest in a particular instrument. However, you could buy them an easy-to-learn instrument like a ukulele or guitar. You could even join them on video chat and the two of you can learn to play a song together from a YouTube tutorial. You may even consider buying them some lessons.

Teenage boy playing ukelele - Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand

3.  Personalize a Book About the Two of You

Write a book about adventures that the two of you had together when they were little and add any pictures you have. There is a wonderful website that allows you to sign up for a free account and write your own book. You can add personal photos or illustrations of your own to make the book fun. They even have pictures that you can use.

The website is When you are finished, you can send a PDF or audiobook of what you created for a small charge. For a little bit more, you can get a video book, paperback or even a hard copy of your book to send.

For an added connection to that teenage grandchild, you could give them a gift card from this site and the two of you could collaborate and create the book together!

4.  Lyrics to Their Favorite Song

Write or type up the lyrics to their favorite song (but only if it has a good message) and frame it for them to display on their wall. Here’s one I created:

Framed music lyrics - - Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand

You don’t even need to do all the words. If you pick out one message in the song that will be inspirational or that you feel your child needs, make that message stand out. You could add it right to the printout like in the photo above or add it on the outside of the glass in vinyl or as a separate printout.

5.  Is Your Grandchild Artsy?

Why not grab them some paint brushes, paints, and a canvas and suggest some YouTube tutorials? Or how about putting together some modeling clay, beads, or just some fancy notebooks and colorful pens (if they like to write)?

Art supplies - Adventures in NanaLand

6.  Escape Room Puzzles With a Cash Treasure

Do up some escape room puzzles or a scavenger hunt that leads to a lock box with cash, goodies or a gift certificate. Here is a website that has a few ideas on how to do escape room puzzles.

Escape room puzzle example - Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren - Adventures in NanaLand

7.  Personalized Photo Puzzle

Choose a photo of you with your teenage grandchild. Have it made into a puzzle, take it apart, and send it to your grandchild.
Here are a couple of ideas of what you can do with the puzzle:

a.) You can put the puzzle together first and write a message across the back of the puzzle. Then when your grandchild receives the puzzle, have them put it together on top of a cutting board or large cookie sheet. After the puzzle is altogether, they can flip it over and read your message.
b.) You can write many small messages and write them on the backs of several puzzle pieces. They can search and find all your little messages as they put the puzzle together.

8.  String Art with Lights

I have to admit, as a kid, I really LOVED string art! As an adult, I still find it very therapeutic. This is a fun craft that spans the ages. With the added lights on this project, it makes it super appealing for teens to display in their room. Plus, it helps them get their “crafty” on!

String art project - Adventures in NanaLand

9.  Inspirational Messages on Jewelry or Keychains

At this point, your grandchild is probably responsible enough to keep track of special jewelry or they may even be driving by now. Gifting them something to remind them of how special they are, will undoubtedly help with those little moments when they forget that, and. . .we all know just how important that is!

So, here are a couple of suggestions to give you some inspiration:

Idea for Girls: Cuff bracelets are really popular for teenage girls. You can find them for wrists or ankles. They’re dainty and beautiful. Below are some of my favorites.

Idea for Boys:  Whether those teenage boys are driving or not, they love to have a keychain to show off. . .even if it’s just house keys. (I think it makes them feel all grown up! 😉)

Use your imagination to find something that will help them remember just how special you think they are!

10.  Unique Food-Themed Blankets

There are some really fun blankets around the internet that would make perfect gifts for teenage grandchildren. This pizza one is my very favorite! I saw a tortilla, a waffle, and even an Oreo cookie! Let’s face it, teenagers love to eat! So, why not get them a fun blanket that looks good enough to eat?

If you can’t go with something unique, go with something I know most teens love. . .GAMES! You can see some of our recommendations for great family games. (Psst. . .my favorites for teens are Trash Pandas, Mastermind, and Skull King. My teen grands love all three of these!)

Celebrate with Unique Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren

It’s never too late to start celebrating with your grandchildren. As long as you are showing them that they’re loved and appreciated, it will be a memorable moment for both of you! The possibilities are endless! Be creative, have fun with your grandchildren so they know how much you care.

Celebrate their birthday this year by giving one these 10 unique gifts for teenage grandchildren. Surely, the memories created from your special moments together won’t soon be forgotten!

Grandchildren are such a blessing. They teach us so much about life and love. So, giving them birthday gifts is a great way to show how much you care for them, while also adding some fun into their day!

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