Week 1 – Light the World

Week 1 – Light the World

We find real joy when we make the Savior the focus of the season.

Well, here we are in December, and we have begun our Light the World month of service. Some of these things may be local to you. However, anything outside your immediate community can be considered “the world”. The important thing is that we get out and serve!

I put together some ideas on how you and your family can help Light the World this Christmas season and Give as He Gave.

Here is a quick video to get you in the spirit of serving. (Click on the picture to view video.)

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These are just 10 quick suggestions to get your brainstorming on. I added links where I could. Try one of these or let them be inspiration to do something you are excited about.

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Here are 10 ideas for Lighting the World:

  1. Target – has a Baby Registry to help fire victims in California. Here is the link if you would like to check it out. Baby2baby registry for fire victims
  2. Simple Pin Media – This blog is run by a lovely lady named Kate. She has a special but heart-wrenching story about foster kids. She is currently running a fundraiser which her company will match donations up to $5,000. The fund raiser runs through December 26, 2018. They are hoping to raise $10,000! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!! Here is the link to her fundraising page. If you donate, consider sharing this one on your social media and with your friends and family.
  3. Look for opportunities in your area to help refugees that have come from other countries. They usually have need for money and clothing donations, people to come help teach English, help finding housing or jobs, etc. There is so much we can do to help these people feel at home in their new country. At the very least, we can learn about them and bring some unity to different cultures.
  4. Cards for Hospitalized Kids – Here is a FREE service you can perform, and it would be excellent to do with your kids or grandkids! You can make cards for hospitalized kids. Here is the link to get more info.  Except for the cost of postage, this one is a no cost service you can perform. They accept cards for special holidays or just general cards to cheer the kids up! So, get out the scrapbooking stuff and let the kids create! Or, if you would like some general “happy” cards, here is a link for some cards that I put together. Feel free to use them however you would like.
  5. Helping Hands – A company that I like to buy from but also donate through is DoTerra. I’m not a rep for them, but I LOVE their Helping Hands charitable organization! Check it out and see if this is right for you. They help many, many people all over the world. Perhaps, your family could do some work together and earn some money to donate to this organization.
  6. BeadForLife is another organization that helps people in Africa. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this organization – mainly because I love their jewelry! However, this organization has opportunities to make direct donations, buy jewelry (in which proceeds go directly to the women who make the jewelry), or even volunteer opportunities.
  7. #HashtagLunchBag – This one is kinds of fun! You make lunches for those who are homeless. Check out their website and check for an event near you or get together with a big group and just make some lunches then take them to the homeless.
  8. Reach Out and Read -This one is great if you’re a reader or just love book! Reach Out and Read is a virtual book drive to get books into the hands of children everywhere. Check out their story here.
  9. Project LinusThis is one of my very favorites! Because I love to sew, this one is a great one for people like me. The Linus Project has been around for several years and basically, you make blankets for children in need and donate them. However, they also have local events that you can participate in.
  10. There seems to always be some kind of natural disaster that affects many, many people at a time. Just google any of the recent natural disasters and discover ways you can help or support those in need.

Gather your family together, count your blessings, then go serve together! Please share what you are doing on our Facebook page.

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