We’re So Glad You Joined Us!

We appreciate that you are taking us along on your journey in grandparenting!

A grandmother and her grandson at the beach climbing on rocks

Grandparenting is the most wonderful phase of life, as you probably already know.
Yet it can have some frustrating moments too, right?
After all, sometimes we get the responsibility without the authority. Or, we don’t get enough time with our grandchildren. . .or too much!
You’ve probably experienced all of this.

Yes, we tackle all those kinds of things here in NanaLand,

BUT. . .

Mostly, we just have fun and try to keep our focus on all the good and wonderful for you!
We look forward to hearing your ideas as well. From time to time, I ask for what would help you most in this journey.
Please don’t hesitate to let me know what your needs and wants are as a grandparent.

Grandparenting is the BEST, Right?

After all, it’s our reward for not killing our children when they were teenagers! Ha ha! 😉

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