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Life After Grandma Camp:
Who’s Taking Care of Grandma?


Self care for grandma? Who has time? When was the last time that someone told you to go take a long, hot bath or curl up on the couch and read? There’s a lot of info out there about moms needing to take care of themselves, . . .but, what about us grandmas? Many of us are in that “sandwich” generation, and we’re burning the candle at both ends almost more than we ever have before. Don’t we need to re-fuel sometimes?

Self Care After Grandma Camp

Last year after our Grandma Camp was over, Papa and I collapsed into the nearest chairs and vowed we wouldn’t move for a week! (Maybe it’s not that we wouldn’t. . .but that we COULDN’T! 😉) Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but we were pretty tired after three straight days with the Littles.

Don’t get me wrong; we LOVE those little people!! However, we each needed some “me” time to decompress a bit because for days, we had been surrounded by inexhaustible energy!

Papa wasted no time plopping himself in front of the TV for a little “shut eye.” (Does your husband do this too??!!!) Men don’t seem to have trouble taking care of #1, do they? Of course, being a woman, I felt like I had to start recovering the house and begin the major clean up project. Because, after all, if I indulged in a nap or a hot bath. . .

Well. . .wouldn’t that just be selfish? (Seriously, ladies! Why do we think this way??)

Thank Heaven for people in my life that give me perspective! Thanks, Beth!

Let Me Introduce You to Beth. . .

Beth Moore from, is my good friend who is a licensed therapist and guru in the self care department. When I talked to her about this subject, she convinced me that self care for grandmas is not just wanted. . .it’s NEEDED as much as ever! (Oh, did I mention that she’s also a grandma, so she totally got what I was talking about.)

She was kind enough to give us “more mature” ladies some tips about how to practice a little self care after Grandma Camp or any time we’re feeling depleted.  As a matter of fact, she has a great Self Care Mini Course that she just gives away for FREE! And, she promised to share that here with all of us. (Take her up on the offer! After all, what’s better than free?)


What happens after Grandma Camp? Ready for 5 ways to gain energy for self care for Grandmas, young and wise??

When I’m full of joy from sweet memories but so exhausted I can barely move off the recliner for days? I love being a grandma, especially when I get to love on my grandbabies!!

Good news, the more we take care of ourselves. the more we can take enjoy time with our grandchildren!!

Summary of this article:

  • Self Care for Who?
    • Summary of Top Articles on Google
    • Self Care Important for Grandparents
    • Sandwich Generation Needs Self Care
  • Basics of Self Care
    • How to Gain Energy
    • What’s Your Energy Station?
    • Taking Time to Rest & Recover
      • Getting Grumpy?
    • Spiritual Self Care
    • Self Care Shower
    • Refreshing Cup of Tea
    • Social Time with Friends

Self Care for Grandma

Interestingly enough, there’s not a lot of info out there about self care for Grandmas.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of info about Self Care, especially for women, moms, and young moms.

Summary of Top Articles on Google

A few of the most popular articles talked about Self Care for Grandmas:

  1. The Ecstasy and Agony of being a Grandmother
    • Being on the grandparent observation deck instead of down in the parent field playing the game
    • Grandparents experience of balancing being involved while not being in charge
    • Whirlwind of emotions, elation at being invited and angst at missing so many future memories
    • Dealing with aging head-on
  2. Grandparents self care blog
    • Grandparents often report that once they start raising their grandchildren, they do not have time for themselves anymore
    • This distress for both the grandparent and the grandchild helps indicate how important it is from grandparents to practice self-care.
    • Another way to conceptualizing the importance of grandparent self-care is through the analogy of airplane oxygen masks.
    • Noticing that there are many different tools and strategies that grandparents can utilize to avoid stress and negativity; however, one of the first steps is to recognize that grandparent caregivers need care too.
  3. Self care – grandparents raising grandchildren
    • How do I take care of myself when I now provide 24/7 care of my grandchild?
    • Why do I feel down even though I am excited I am raising my grandchild?
    • And more…

The rest of the articles actually talked about self care for parents, and how to show compassion and kindness to grandparents.

Self Care Important for Grandmas

But as we get older and our children grow up, I think self care becomes just as important as when we were young!  We need to take care of ourselves, honestly so that we can be around to see our grandchildren and fully live our lives that we have to live!

Many women find themselves in-between generations, from raising their children and sometimes grandchildren, to the other end of the spectrum… taking care of their parents and sometimes grandparents!!

Sandwich Generation Needs Self Care

That’s where I fit in, I am in the sandwich generation, right smack dab in the middle.  I have grown children and little grandchildren, which I am blessed to be a part of their lives. At the same time, I have my parents and husband’s parents and one grandparent, which I am so thankful to be a part of their lives!!

So, my self care is essential!!  Without self care, I won’t have enough energy or fuel to take care of anyone well.  And I need all the fuel I can get, because I love taking care of my grandbabies, children, parents, and grandmother!!  Seriously it’s a joy for me.

Basics of Self Care for Grandmas

Let’s start with the basics, because without the basics, we cannot make it very far at all.

How to Gain Energy

The first step to gain energy is to look for “energy stations.” Okay, so what is an “energy station?”

Well it’s my own term for a place or person or thing that gives you energy. Just like cars needs to stop at a gas station to get fuel to keep going, we need to stop at an “energy station” to get fuel to keep going as well.

What’s Your Energy Station?

What gives you fuel? How do you get energy to tackle Grandma Camp?

Now let’s think about what can help you feel refreshed after Grandma Camp.

  1. Being with people or being by yourself?
  2. Creating or resting?
  3. Down time or productive time?

Consider what gives you fuel and energy after Grandma Camp.

Taking time to Recover

Many times, we just need time to recover after the grandbabies have been over for awhile.  Time is an amazing healer…time to…

  • rest
  • nap
  • sleep
  • haha, after you’ve slept… relax

If we don’t make time to rest and recover, we will burnout and get sick, it’s just how our bodies work.  We all need rest, sleep, relaxation time to rejuvenate our cells, our minds, and our hearts.

Reflection: Do you prefer a nap, time to sleep deeper, or time for rest and relaxation?  (haha, or maybe all three??)

Getting grumpy?

That usually means I need time to nap, and then I will wake up refreshed and much nicer to everyone around me.  Try it, take a nap for 10 minutes or an hour, whichever refreshes you the best.

Now that we covered one of the basics of self care: time to rest and recover, let’s cover a few more areas.

Ocean waves & spiritual self care

Spiritual Self Care

There is something magical and deepening about a spiritual connection rejuvenating my soul. Nothing else touches my soul and gives me life like time with my God and my life-giving resources.

Even 15 minutes of sitting outside in nature refreshes my soul, spiritual self care can be a few minutes or an hour or a weekend away.

Here’s a few examples of spiritual self care:

  • uplifting music filling the air
  • singing loud and with passion
  • surrounded by friends who love you
  • praying for your friends and those in need
  • reading sacred text and motivational words
  • quiet time meditating on life-giving resources

I hope you find your spiritual self care and life-giving resources. If you’d like to read more about spiritual self care, here’s an article about 44 Compassionate & Spiritual Self Care Activities.

Reflection: Which spiritual activity would you enjoy trying this week?

Physical Self Care

One of the basics yet one of the first to be forgotten in times of busy lives and hectic schedules… showers and hot baths!! If you think I’m kidding, just look at how popular dry shampoo is… I just found a favorite and love it… especially when I don’t have time to wash my hair.

So, in the midst of taking care of others, try to get a shower or hot bath so you will be clean and ready to take on the world.

Reflection: Do you prefer a shower or hot bath?  How do you feel refreshed after the shower/bath?

Refreshing Cup of Tea

It may be because I just love tea, but a cup of tea makes me feel so relaxed and happy.  Just the act of making a cup of tea, or a pitcher of tea warms my soul.

I have a few favorite teas to help me relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize:

Green Ginger Tea

Chamomile Honey Vanilla Tea

Passion Tea

Peppermint Tea

Reflection: What is your favorite tea?  How does it taste?
ocean waves & relational self care

Relational Self Care

Yes, we grandmas love to be with our grandbabies! And we also love to be with our friends!!

Good friends:

  • give us connections
  • build lasting relationships
  • relate with people our own age
  • understand what each other are experiencing
  • know the struggles of our generation
  • support how we find purpose in our lives

My friendships mean a lot to me, and I am so thankful that my friends love me through mountain and valley times (good and bad)!! Spending time with my friends is rejuvenating & energizing for me.

By my age, I am so much more comfortable with myself that I can now truly relax and just enjoy being me and relish spending time together.

 Reflection: What friends feed your soul and refresh your perspective?

Ultimate Self Care Mini Course

Would you like to gain more Self Care? More energy? Have better mental health?

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Summary of this article:

  • Self Care for Who?
    • Summary of Top Articles on Google
    • Self Care Important for Grandparents
    • Sandwich Generation Needs Self Care
  • Basics of Self Care
    • How to Gain Energy
    • What’s Your Energy Station?
    • Taking Time to Rest & Recover
      • Getting Grumpy?
    • Spiritual Self Care
    • Self Care Shower
    • Refreshing Cup of Tea
    • Social Time with Friends

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I hope you get the self care you need to recover and rejuvenate; it’s amazing how much self-care improves wellness. I’d love to hear about your journey towards wellness and what helps get the self care you need?

I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment, or join me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Blessings, Beth

Beth Moore is an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST), a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has applied to be a Registered Play Therapist.

Her blog, Moore Wellness is a wellness journey helping improve holistic wellness in mind-body-spirit. She loves helping clients of all ages use creative coping strategies to journey through and manage stress, anxiety, depression PTSD, and trauma recovery.

Get Ultimate Self Care Mini Course for free!!  Includes the Self Care Newsletter for 5 weeks… plus free printable + simple self care ideas!!  Sign up today!!

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Disclaimer: This article has resources about restoring wellness, and is based on my research and my experiences.  This information is not meant to take the place of counseling or therapy.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable or need to talk to someone, wellness resources may be helpful.

If you need someone to help to talk to, counselors and mental health professionals can help provide support resources on:

  • time management
  • stress management
  • procrastination
  • relaxation skills
  • goal setting
  • personal development

Hopefully, Beth has convinced you, too, that we grandmas need to practice self care as much as the mommies do out there. There were so many little nuggets of information that she gave us. I hope you found something that you can use to pamper yourself a little. . .and NO, it’s not selfish to take care of you! Thanks for reminding us, Beth!

Cookies & Milk for Everyone!

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P.S. If you haven’t planned a Grandma Camp yet, don’t wait another minute! Yes, it can be a bit exhausting, but it’s soooo worth it! The memories and the fun just can’t be matched! Make it just a day or a few days, but create a bonding time for you and your grandchildren that they (or you) will never forget! Get our FREE checklist below to get started on your planning today!

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