Do You Wish You Could Conquer Your Fear?

Do You Wish You Could Conquer Your Fear?

Do you ever wonder what you could do if you could just conquer your fear of whatever? We all have something that we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone to do.

Ruth Soukup, the author of the book, Do It Scared, has become someone that I greatly admire. Ruth’s life was a series of mistakes, miscteps and mishaps leading her into a downward spiral that caused her to almost give up on everything. But when she faced her fears and learned to use them instead of giving in to them, she created a life she loved!

I’ve been so inspired by Ruth’s story, that I just had to share it with you! She has created a 7-figure business, retired her husband, and they are living a life that she had not previously dreamed was possible.

Do you see yourself somewhere in this list?

The 7 Fear Archetypes

Ruth has identified 7 Fear Archetypes through her research:

• Procrastinator/Perfectionist – their deepest fear is making a mistake.This is the most common one of all.
 These people get stuck in “analysis paralysis,” and can’t move forward for the fear of messing up!

• Rule Follower – these are the people who suffer from or struggle with an unhealthy fear of authority. They can’t get out of the box and risk doing anything that they perceive is “not allowed.” They feel that trouble is right around the corner if they step out of line.

• People Pleaser – ah, the ones who fear the judgment of others! They get very caught up in what other people will think of them. They tend to be very preoccupied with what other people think or see in them (a little narcissistic if you ask me). Their biggest fear is looking stupid or silly.

• Outcast – this one really gets me – it’s quite ironic. On the outside, there is a cool exterior of seeming to be fearless. But deep down, they fear being rejected. For this reason, they anticipate the rejection and draw first blood by rejecting others first. Oddly enough, a lot of entrepreneurs are Outcasts.

• Self-Doubter – this one pretty much speaks for itself. These are the people who lack confidence and self-esteem. These are they who have those voices in their head that are full of criticism and negative talk – most of it centered around themselves. They just can’t seem to give themselves a break and certainly no grace for failures.

• Excuse-Maker/Blame Shifter – I think we are all familiar with this group. These are the people that just can’t seem to own up to their failures or mistakes. Perhaps more of us are in this category than we would like to admit. Rationalization is the name of the game. “I’m not choosing (just in case it turns out badly).

 Pessimist – these people have their light turned off at the end of the tunnel. Some of their biggest fears are adversity and pain. You know them – “life’s not fair!” This is their mantra. Much of this come from going through much pain and adversity in their lives. The glass is ALWAYS half empty. . .and someone else is going to drink it first!

I’m not saying that you can create a 7-figure income from reading her book, but you CAN learn to identify your fear archetype and by doing so take the first step to getting past things that are holding you back from creating a life you love!!

Ruth’s book is coming out this month (May 21, 2019) and is on pre-order right now. By pre-ordering the book, you can get some awesome bonuses on her website. There is the fear assessment test (which will tell you which category above you fit into), a Do It Scared workbook, and a 2-month free trial membership to the Doing It Scared membership community (I hear that there are some super awesome things happening in that group – I can’t wait to check it out!).

Pre-order the book today and get the awesome bonuses on Ruth’s website!

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